Haven & Co. is a Toronto based company; and when we say ‘company’, we really mean a university student who found herself looking to re-decorate with very limited funds and a not-so-limited taste for the finer things in life. Now the time she spends procrastinating on Medieval Literature fragments and Plato’s Symposium essays is spent finding, bargaining & buying antique furniture before re-finishing it to contemporary perfection & releasing it back into the wild.

In what we now like to call ‘Holly’s Epic Search for the Perfect French Provincial Headboard at a Non-Epic Price’, several hundred (no, we’re not kidding) searches were carried out and conducted over the course of 6 months . The story does end happily though. A headboard was found, carried painstakingly down three flights of narrow stairs and re-finished before becoming a marvelous conversation piece.

Since then, Holly has continued to ransack the annals of Craigslist, Kijiji etc. to find furniture and home furnishings for herself, her family and friends. And, given the fact that Holly has not yet been discovered as the next Meryl Streep, Cher, or long-lost Romanov princess, she has gotten very good at living the royal life on a budget.

Before you wander off though, here’s a handy guide to the Haven!


Inspired By — Pictures of styles, themes and periods of furniture that reflect the aesthetic of Haven & Co. designs

In Progress — Whatever project Holly is currently working on, or has found herself accidentally stuck to with carpenters glue.

Happily Ever After — Pieces that have been bought, restored & re-sold to very happy people, or at least sold!

Testimonials — What the very happy people have to say about the pieces they bought & their experience with Haven & Co.


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